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5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy to Improve Your Health

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Ozone therapy is a natural, non-toxic treatment that infuses your body with ozone – a unique type of oxygen that supports healing and regeneration. 


Many people have found lasting relief for chronic and stubborn health issues with this therapeutic treatment. Others have noticed significant improvements in their energy and overall sense of well-being. 

Could ozone therapy help you? Let’s dive in to learn more about the benefits of ozone therapy and see if this treatment can improve your health, too.

At Moringa Natural Health, we have treatment plans for menopause and hormone imbalance. We personalize each plan according to each person’s unique biological makeup. Want to learn more about our treatment plans? Schedule your free appointment with Dr. Fernandez today!


What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy, also known as autohemotherapy, is the process of introducing ozone gas into the body to support healing. During the therapy, ozone is mixed with your own blood to better transport and use oxygen throughout the cells of the body. 

If the term “ozone” sounds like something out of your high school chemistry class, you’re not wrong. Ozone is an inorganic molecule that forms a unique type of oxygen gas: (O3). With three oxygen molecules (instead of two), this type of oxygen has a stronger curative effect on the body by oxidizing and destroying harmful substances. 

Ozone therapy may have recently grown in popularity, but it isn’t new. It was first used by Dr. Noble Eberhart in the early 20th century. He discovered that using ozone gas could treat common ailments of the time, such as tuberculosis to syphilis. 

Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find that ozone therapy is now a refined process that has been shown to help people manage a wide range of health concerns, including chronic pain, fatigue, low immunity, hormone imbalances, and more.


How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Research shows that ozone helps support the body’s natural healing processes. When ozone comes into contact with body fluids (like blood), it stimulates a reaction in the body to make more proteins and red blood cells. This triggers a significant healing response either locally or systemically throughout the body. Ozone also disrupts harmful processes in the body, such as the replication of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast. 

During an ozone therapy session, ozone is mixed with blood and re-introduced into the body in one of three main ways: 

  1. Directly into tissue. Ozone gas is administered through a protective covering, usually for wound healing or skin conditions.
  2. Intravenously. With this method, ozone gas is dissolved into your own blood, then injected back into your bloodstream through an IV. This is most commonly used to treat internal disorders or for general wellness.
  3. Intramuscularly. Ozone is injected directly into the muscle, as you would get a flu vaccine. The ozone-rich blood supports healing, regeneration, and pain relief in a specific area.

At Moringa Natural Health, we have treatment plans for menopause and hormone imbalance. We personalize each plan according to each person’s unique biological makeup. Want to learn more about our treatment plans? Schedule your free appointment with Dr. Fernandez today!

5 Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy 

  • Reduces inflammation.
    Inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases. Interestingly, inflammation and its effects can be traced back to an imbalance in the blood, known as oxidative stress. Ozone therapy improves the oxygen levels in your blood, which increases your body’s oxygen usage. This slows the inflammatory process so the body can heal.


  • Detoxes the body and increases energy.
    How healthy we are will depend on our toxic load. Unfortunately, toxins enter the body in many different ways, whether through infection, our diet, excessive drinking, or simply our environment.
    While it’s impossible to avoid toxins entirely, we can avoid their negative effects through the natural process of detoxification. Ozone therapy accelerates your body’s uptake of oxygen which is key to removing these unwanted toxins, boosting your energy, and improving your sense of well-being.


  • Enhances your immune system.
    A strong immune system is essential to a healthy life. When the immune system is weak, ozone helps the body in two ways. First, ozone accelerates tissue healing to reduce your overall risk of illness or infection. Second, ozone contains antioxidant properties which keep inflammation at bay and take the stress off the immune system.


  • Regenerates your skin.
    Your skin cells need a steady supply of oxygen to survive, thrive, and regenerate. This is why your skin can start to look tired as you grow older and your body’s ability to use oxygen in your blood diminishes. Ozone therapy increases your body’s ability to use oxygen by stimulating tissues, helping to keep your skin looking healthier. Ozone therapy also helps calm the skin to reduce issues like irritation, acne, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions.


  • Repairs your stem cells.
    Stem cells are the building blocks from which all other cells are created. When a cell is damaged, stem cells step up as your built-in repair kit. They are able to self-renew into nearly any type of cell in the body that needs replacing. Ozone therapy has been shown to improve the body’s ability to activate and regenerate these stem cells so the body can recover from a wide range of chronic conditions.


Is Ozone Therapy for You?

At Moringa Natural Health, we have treatment plans for menopause and hormone imbalance. We personalize each plan according to each person’s unique biological makeup. Want to learn more about our treatment plans? Schedule your free appointment with Dr. Fernandez today!

Ozone therapy helps support a wide range of healing processes in the body, which makes it a suitable therapy for most people. There are certain groups of people, however, who may experience even better benefits: 

  • Those with chronic or stubborn illnesses.
    Chronic conditions like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain are notoriously hard to treat. Since ozone therapy gives the body a natural way to boost its own healing potential, it can help speed up healing and improve the effectiveness of other treatments.
  • Those with infections, inflammation, or immune disorders.
    Ozone therapy can significantly reduce inflammation and clear infections without compromising immunity. Therefore, it can be a powerful natural therapy for those with a weakened immune system or infections like the Epstein-Barr virus or Covid-19.
  • Those over age 60.
    Because the human body becomes less efficient at using oxygen as it ages, ozone therapy is particularly helpful for older people who need support with tissue regeneration, wound healing, and pain. Some studies show that ozone therapy can also help improve brain function and prevent age-related cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s.
  • Those who want to live a long and healthy life.
    Ozone therapy isn’t just for when you’re feeling unwell! This treatment boosts your body’s healing potential so you can feel energized, reduce the signs of aging, and promote longevity.

Ozone Therapy at Moringa Natural Health Center   

The benefits of ozone therapy are endless, especially if you are suffering from a chronic or stubborn health condition.

At Moringa Natural Health Center, we are proud to offer safe and effective ozone therapy to help you feel your best. At your session, we’ll walk you through the process and set you up with a treatment plan to effectively address your symptoms and improve your overall health.  

When the body has the resources it needs to thrive (including oxygen), healing is possible! Learn more about how we use ozone therapy at Moringa Natural Health Center, or request an appointment to get started today. 

Much love, 

Dr. Lena Fernandez

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