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6 Ways to Stop Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Get relief and prevent allergies with natural tips and remedies.

Ah, spring. It’s time to enjoy fresh green grasses, flower blossoms, budding trees – and all the irritating pollen and particles that come with them.

If you’re one of the 50 million people who suffer through seasonal allergies each year, these issues are likely keeping you locked inside and left out of all the fun that spring has to offer. Not this time! Thankfully, there are many natural solutions for allergy relief that can help you overcome – and even prevent – those pesky allergy symptoms in spring or any time of year.

6 Natural Ways to Ease and Prevent Seasonal Allergies

From stuffed up noses and watery eyes to persistent coughs and itchy skin, nothing puts a damper on a sunny spring day quite like seasonal allergies. Use these six tips to strengthen your immune system and keep allergy symptoms at bay.

1. Avoid allergens when possible.

Of course, the best way to prevent allergies is to avoid exposure all together. Wear a mask on your daily walks in the park, keep your HEPA air filters clean and up-to-date, and wash your bedsheets with non-allergenic detergent regularly. If you know you are allergic to a certain type of spring pollen, avoid areas where those plants grow wildly and check your local pollen status before heading out.

1. Enhance your immune respone.

Preventing allergies is all about enhancing your immune function, and antioxidants are your secret weapon. Antioxidants not only help immune cells function optimally, but they also reduce some of the issues that make us more susceptible to allergies (like inflammation, swelling, and oxidative stress).
Of course, vitamin C is the original antioxidant and immune powerhouse, but here are a few other antioxidant-rich foods that help prevent spring allergies:

3. Cook with decongestant herbs and spices.

If you’re already struggling with watery eyes and a stuffy nose, don’t worry. You can still use food as medicine to help you reduce your allergy symptoms.
In addition to the antioxidant foods above, cook with plenty of sinus-clearing herbs and spices. Ingredients like anise, fennel, garlic, horseradish, ginger, onions, and mustard can quickly clear out stubborn congestion and open your airways.
Get all these benefits in one pot with an immune-boosting chicken soup.

4. Get acupuncture.

Acupuncture is well-known for reducing pain and easing stress, but did you know that it can also help you steer clear of seasonal allergies?

According to Chinese medicine, acupuncture helps fight allergies by bringing the body into a healthy, resilient balance. When the body is out of balance, it’s easier for allergens like dust, pollen, and mites to send your immune system over the edge. Acupuncture works by reducing excessive inflammation and strengthening areas of weakness to overcome or prevent allergies.

Thankfully, the research backs up these claims. Studies show that acupuncture is an effective natural therapy for allergy symptoms like allergic rhinitis and cough. How does it work? Researchers found that acupuncture reduces allergies by reducing inflammation and modulating (or balancing) the immune system.
At Moringa Natural Health Center, we use acupuncture, nutrition, and other holistic therapies to bring your body back into a healthy balance. Click here to book your acupuncture for allergy relief appointment.

5. Use a neti pot daily.

Neti pots are used for nasal irrigation, or flushing the nose and sinuses with saline solution. Studies show that using a neti pot regularly can eliminate some allergy symptoms, reduce your reliance on allergy medications, and improve your overall quality of life. The saline water in the neti pot washes pollen and other allergens out of your nasal passageways and clears blocked and congested areas.

6. Supplement with allergy-fighting vitamins, minerals, and compounds.

To have an allergy-free spring, you need to stay on top of your daily vitamins and minerals. These specific compounds help your immune system cells do their various jobs efficiently and have natural allergy-fighting effects:
Vitamin C
Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and acts as a natural antihistamine.
Magnesium is a natural bronchodilator and antihistamine, which means it helps reduce irritated airways and helps you breathe easily.
Butterbur is a plant extract with antihistamine effects that can be used to alleviate allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and migraines.
Bromelain is an enzyme (most commonly found in pineapple) that acts as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine.
Quercetin reduces inflammation in the respiratory system to reduce chest congestion, stuffiness, and cough.

Get Natural Allergy Relief this Spring at Moringa Natural Health Center

Let’s make this the year you actually enjoy spring! With the help of natural remedies, a healthy diet, and a customized wellness plan, you can fight seasonal allergies while improving your overall health.
The first step is easy: schedule your consultation. From there, we’ll start a customized wellness plan that uses these and other natural therapies to help you eliminate your allergies naturally. You’ll also enjoy enhanced immune function, a boost in energy, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Ready to get relief? Call us at 623-266-0059, or request an appointment to find out how you manage and prevent seasonal allergies and feel your best this spring.

Much love,
Dr. Lena Fernandez

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