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Be A Health Advocate For Yourself and Those You Love

Did you know the more you take control of your health decisions the quicker you are likely to reach your health goals?


Are you one of those people that just go with the flow? Whatever the media or government dictates, you tend to go with it?

If you’ve ever had to believe in yourself and your symptoms, even though you felt that no one did, there’s a good chance you know how to be an effective self-advocate. Along with trusting in yourself and how you feel, you may need to understand your rights as a patient, solve a few problems on your own, and proactively seek out the help you need.

Today’s medical environment is complex and challenging to navigate. However, waiting for a miracle cure, the government, and even the doctor to take the lead isn’t always realistic. You must learn to take charge of the journey to wellness if transforming your health is the ultimate goal.

Helping thousands of patients globally reach optimal health, the one thing I have noticed in the last few months during the global pandemic is that some people are waiting for that ‘magic pill’ and I will tell you with certainty that there ain’t any. Instead, I found that empowering my patients to take long-term control of their health is the best medicine.

If you don’t have a great doctor to guide you to take charge of your own health rather than waiting for the next vaccine or another Hollywood lifestyle trend then it’s time to find one that fully supports your health goals.

In the meantime, as we come to the end of the challenging year, the best thing you can do right now is to be a health advocate for yourself and the people that matter to you the most, which you can start now by following my simple 4-step system below.

1. Get involved

It is imperative to engage in a clear communication process with your doctor or mentor. Therefore, ask the right questions because the more you know, the better decision you make for you and your family.

2. Know which direction you would prefer to take to live a longer, healthier, and happy life.

Not everyone is ready to take a holistic approach where you get to live a life that you know will be better by looking at the bigger picture, living life as wholly and being aware of the impact of your action.

The impact you have on others and the planet, are all reflections of how you choose to live your life. What you think, do, say, eat, practice, and believe in can make a HUGE impact on you and those around you.

Some people become too reliant on prescription medication because, in America, many expect a quick fix. For example, can’t sleep? Take a pill instead of looking at the bigger picture. Why aren’t you able to sleep? Is your cortisol too high? What’s your body missing? Possibly, you could be missing simply love or essential minerals for your body systems to function optimally.

From now on, it would be wise for you to start asking what is the root cause of my health problems?

Another way to look at this is by thinking about your symptoms and then make healthy changes. If you’re struggling with a burning sensation in your chest at night just after eating, you might have GERD. You don’t need a physician to tell you that an anti-reflux diet, where you control symptoms with the foods and drinks you choose, is a good thing. Another example might be if you live with daily pain. You can start reducing your daily pain level by making slight lifestyle adjustments such as getting enough sleep, eating an anti-inflammatory diet, or doing stretches daily without waiting for a provider to tell you these are good choices.

Needless to say, you should NOT disregard the advice of your doctor. But you can be an active participant in managing your health, and you don’t necessarily need to receive advice from a doctor to start making positive lifestyle changes.

3. Do your own research but read credible sources

This can be on its own topic because there’s so much more to this than eyes meet. Think of it this way, if your best friend needs your help, which non-biased source would you go to first to gain more knowledge so you can help your friend make the best decisions?

4. Most importantly, build a strong relationship with your doctor or mentor

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and be upfront with your expectations by setting specific goals. Instead of saying, I want to lose weight or have more energy, ask yourself what ways have worked well for you in the past to lose weight and have more stamina. Maybe you’ve tried everything and anything under the sun, now, you have a list that did or didn’t work you and your doctor can discuss alternative options. After all, it always is about you.

Most importantly, practice prevention. When you’re ready to take control of your health, you must think about preventive health measures you can take to slow down the progression of any current conditions and stop others from ever happening. Prevention comes in many forms. For example, choosing a healthy diet and exercising daily are excellent forms of preventative methods. Other forms such as scheduling routine follow-ups with your doctor and receiving all necessary workup to ensure you are on the right track also goes a long way to overall wellness.

In addition, cultivate awareness of your current health situation and practice mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety.

I have witnessed more people fall into the old addiction traps in the last 12 months than I’ve seen in the last decade.

Your body is a complex machine, but you can’t achieve optimum health without putting some effort into your emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being, too. When you work on the mind-body connection through awareness and mindful activities, you’ll reap the benefits of comprehensive health and wellness. Mindfulness can also have significant benefits for people living with chronic illness, battling addiction, or managing long-term physical pain.

My favorite mindful activity is to sit each morning quietly for five to ten minutes while paying attention to my breathing, and my surroundings.

Lastly, don’t forget to place yourself first.

Make a list of your top 3 priorities, but remember putting yourself first sometimes involves doing things that are difficult such as waking up a little earlier to work out or, practice mindfulness but these things will benefit you in the long run. And don’t hesitate to ask for help.

You should know by now that if you want to create a happier and healthier life, you have got to do the work to make it happen… practice building self-awareness and discover what you are willing to do to get long-lasting results so you can live healthy instead of focusing on a quick fix.

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