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The Science Behind the Thanksgiving “Food Coma”

After eating a large meal, it’s common to experience a food coma. You may feel extreme fatigue, lethargy, bloating, heaviness, and a strong desire to hit the couch for a nap. This post-meal haze isn’t just in your head. It’s a real condition called postprandial somnolence that has baffled scientists for years.

Food & Mood: How Your Gut Impacts Mental Health

Ever get a “gut feeling?” Or feel sick to your stomach when you hear bad news? These are physical signs of the intricate connection you have between your brain and your gut! This connection, called the gut-brain axis, does far more than trigger your instincts. It also has an impact on your energy, immunity, and mental health.


Why Are Diets So Confusing?

What if I told you “all diets are simply bogus except for…?” Stay with me here for a second! We know good nutrition is one of the main keys to a healthy lifestyle. There are many arguments about which diet is best for you.