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Not All Weeds Are Bad!

Welcome to the final series of tips promoting liver health and detoxification of the body!

I’m going to share with you the benefits of dandelion. As a naturopathic doctor and a scientist, I’m always researching the ways humans took care of themselves before modern medicine. It’s one of the reasons I chose to get into this field, especially since our bodies have the ability to heal from within. When the factors that are causing the disease in the first place are removed and the right tools are applied to regain balance.

In fact, only a few diseases should require to be treated with a prescription.

People have used dandelion plants to help treat ailments for thousands of years.

Yes, that dandelion.

The one that typically gets a dose of Round-Up every summer.

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I’m going to show you how to use dandelion safely and effectively to eliminate toxins from the liver and colon. But first, in case you haven’t ever seen a dandelion flower, have a look at the photo below:

The technical name for it is Taraxacum Officinale and it grows in many parts of the world. Botanists consider dandelion to be an herb. People use the leaves, stem, flower, and root for medicinal purposes. Dandelion root has long been held as a “liver tonic” by soothing the liver while gently removing toxins. Preliminary studies suggest this is due, in part, to its ability to increase the flow of bile. Polysaccharides, a special kind of carbohydrates in dandelion, suggest it is beneficial for digestion and absorption.

What are some of the other health benefits of dandelion?

1) Helps with weight loss

Some researchers have proposed that dandelion could help people achieve their weight loss goals. This is based on the plant’s ability to improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce fat absorption.

A study in mice found that chlorogenic acid, a chemical present in dandelions, may help reduce weight gain and lipid retention. A recent Korean study suggests that dandelion improves weight loss by inhibiting pancreatic lipase, an enzyme released during digestion to break down fat.

2) Boosts the immune system

There is growing evidence to suggest that dandelions can help boost the immune system. Researchers have found that dandelions show both antiviral and antibacterial properties. For example, a study in 2014 found that dandelions help limit the growth of hepatitis B in both human and animal cells in test tubes.

3) Improves digestion

Another study shows that if you are feeling bloated, dandelion tea could provide relief because it acts as a diuretic and increases urine output after just two 1-cup servings of dandelion tea made from the leaves of the plant.

4) Lowers blood pressure

Dandelions are a good source of potassium. There is clinical evidence that shows that potassium can help reduce blood pressure. For example, research has found that people taking a potassium supplement noticed a reduction in their blood pressure, especially if they already had high blood pressure.

How do you consume dandelion?

1) Make dandelion tea

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay. Generally speaking, dandelion tea can be consumed in one of two different ways: an infusion made of the plant’s leaves, or one made of roasted dandelion roots. Both forms are considered safe as long as your tea is organic and free of herbicides or pesticides.

In fact, dandelion can be your favorite coffee substitute. This is a great way to give caffeine a break especially if you’re looking to reduce or eliminate caffeine intake altogether. You may be able to find pre-prepared dandelion root at your local health food stores, but you can also harvest and make it from your own non-insecticide-treated, lawn-variety dandelions.

The roots of young dandelion plants are roasted to a dark brown color. Then, after steeping in hot water and straining, it can be enjoyed as a coffee substitute.

2) Incorporate dandelion into the foods you eat

If raw dandelion leaves don’t appeal to you, try steaming them, or adding them to a stir-fry or soup which can make them taste less bitter. The flowers are sweet and crunchy and can be eaten raw, or breaded and fried, or even used to make dandelion syrup or wine.

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There you have it! Another simple and natural way to help cleanse and heal your body by slightly altering what you eat.

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