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Biopuncture is a non-surgical bioregulatory therapy method in which specific biotherapeutics are injected in specific zones or points on the basis of conventional and functional diagnosis. Biotherapeutics are medical products that do not suppress the neuro-immunological reactions of the body nor do they interfere with the physiological defense system of the body.

Common Conditions Treated:

Biopuncture treats neck pain, back pain, acute sports injuries like ankle sprain or muscle tear, tennis elbow, golf elbow, whiplash, and Achilles retinopathy.

Biopuncture can also be used to treat functional disorders. For example, one can treat allergies and other kinds of inflammation.

Although there is no actual controlled evidence available yet, physicians have reported that patients with asthma, migraine, whiplash, tension headache, eczema, hay fever, bronchitis, gastritis, cystitis and sinusitis showed improvement with local biotherapeutic injections.

Biopuncture is NOT suggested for treatment of cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, heart failure, epilepsy and spinal epidural abscess.

What is the solution that is injected?

Ultra-Low Doses (ULDs) like Traumeel or Zeel are tiny doses of mainly natural ingredients that work on an immunological level.

Dextrose 5%: local injections of dextrose stimulate the production of growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor-beta, epidermal growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor and connective tissue growth factor. The injection of dextrose supports the body to produce connective tissue (stimulation of the fibroblastic activity in the area).

Autologous Whole Blood may be added to the ULDs with the aim of providing cellular and humoral mediators to induce healing in areas of inflammation or degeneration through the action of platelet derived growth factors (PDGFs).

Local anesthetics (Las) like procaine 1% and lidocaine 1% may be added to the biotherapeutics. These local anesthetics may block chronic vicious pain circles when applied locally (“therapeutic blocks”).

What is the Location of Injection?

The injections are usually given in the treatment zone (TZ). This treatment zone is most commonly “the zone of the pain” or “the zone of complaint.”

What is the Depth of Injection?

The depth of injection is related to the target one wants to reach. One considers four layers of injection: subcutaneous (or intracutaneous), intramuscular, soft tissues (injections in a fascia, bursa, tendon, tendon sheath, fat pad), hard tissues (injections in a ligament, retinaculum, enthesis, or periost).

What is the Expectation After Biopuncture Treatment?

After treatment with local biotherapeutic injections, the symptoms may improve immediately (immediate positive response). However, the symptoms may also get worse within the first two days known as reaction phase. In most cases, there is a reaction phase within the first 24 hours after injection. This is because in Biopuncture, one gives a stimulus in the form of biotherapeutic injection (s) in order to evoke a physiological response (REA) which in turn will promote a response (RSP) to encourage healing and repair.

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